Landes Apartments

Named after Seattleā€™s first and only female mayor, Bertha Knight Landes, these apartments serve a community of 81 unique high-tech living spaces above ground-floor retail on First Hill. Amento Group was hired to perform third-party
building enclosure inspection services for the 7-story building.

Our team inspected the building enclosure installations, including below-grade shored wall waterproofing, cladding, doors, windows, roofing and sealants. The mixed facades of metal, brick, slate, and concrete cladding added a significant challenge to the process of integrating the weather resistive barrier with various windows, storefront assemblies, decks and awnings. Working closely with the developer, architect and contractor, Amento Group delivered timely inspections, reporting, and assistance in detail revisions during the 16 months of construction.