Project Coordinator

Hayley Lawrence

I’ll leave tomorrow’s problems to tomorrow’s me.

Saitama, One Punch Man

Hayley is yet another one of Amento Group’s mathematical wizards. Hailing from Norfolk Virginia, Hayley attended Old Dominion University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in 2020. Moving across the country to be closer to her family, she is now the colonel and comedian of our Architectural Department. Along with providing continual support to a team of 11, Hayley has cultivated connections with product representatives and vendors which have benefitted Amento Group with educational meetings and research opportunities to grow our understanding of technical applications and constructability methods. She also assists with construction litigation graphics and data analysis.

Outside of work, Hayley enjoys going to the gym and hiking. She loves to cook new meals and is always looking for a good cup of coffee to fuel her late-night workouts. You can find her on Lake Washington any day the sun is out, as she is a total beach bum too!

Areas of Expertise

  • Data Analytics
  • Litigation Graphics
  • Project Coordination & Support