What Does the Consultant Do?

First, we need to visit the property in question and conduct a visual investigation of the health of all the buildings. Should we deem it appropriate, we may also recommend an intrusive investigation to check for any damage that has occurred under the cladding or to inspect the magnitude of any damage observed. Any intrusive investigation we conduct is done with the help of a qualified contractor.

Following the inspection, we will compile a written report or PowerPoint presentation to detail our findings and recommendations. This report is delivered to the Owner or Board of Directors, who can then use it in the planning and construction phase. It is at this stage that we can help discuss necessary renovations, budget concerns, and the aesthetics of the building.

Before the construction phase begins, we review plans in order to identify any potential problems with new construction. We then solicit a formal bid process with remediation contractors. After reviewing bids, we recommend interviews with the most qualified contractors that fit within the budget and scope of the project.

After the project is awarded to a contractor, the Construction Manager prepares the contract and assists in negotiations with the contractor. We then oversee the contractor throughout construction to confirm the work is being done in accordance with all building plans and in compliance with appropriate building codes. This serves to provide insight that will be valuable for the purposes of resolving challenges, minimizing any mistakes made during construction, and minimizing the liability of the owner in the event that anything goes wrong.

Washington State law requires a qualified inspector be present during envelope repairs. Amento Group has the proper authority and training required to verify and document such repairs, as required by RCW 64.55.

When construction is complete, we provide the Owner or Board of Directors with project close-out documentation. This includes warranties, operations and maintenance information, and all lien release documentation collected from contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers.

Amento Group has been in the business of consulting for nearly 20 years, during which time we have managed nearly $190 million in envelope-related construction. When you choose us for your envelope construction needs, you can rest easy knowing that your building will be reaping the benefits of our expertise for many years to come.