Case Study

Bay Vista Tower Condominiums

Tower Roof & Cooling Tower Remediation

Amento Group (AG) designed and inspected a new roof membrane overlay for the residential tower’s main roof. This project also included the refurbishment of an existing cooling tower, which was lifted in place in order to complete the new roof installation. Extensive coordination was required to ensure contractors met schedules and new roof penetrations were properly waterproofed.

6th Floor Plaza Remediation

The existing plaza membrane has been leaking for over 20 years. Due to the costs of ongoing repairs, the Bay Vista Tower Board began working with a team of professionals to replace the plaza membrane and modernize the plaza design and its amenities. During schematic design, the Team was assembled and charged with preparing design options, including landscape design and materials, membrane options, amenity options, and structural concerns. During design development, extensive documents were prepared that focused on a lush urban garden, walking track, sports court, fire pit, and barbecue area. The plaza perimeter was opened up to viewing areas by way of full-height cable rails and the removal of existing solid parapet walls. The intent of the design was to provide a robust waterproofing membrane solution as a new roof to the lower commercial podium while simultaneously providing an updated and rejuvenated urban plaza on the sixth floor of this downtown high-rise mixed-use building.

Pool Room & Roof Remediation

The storefront at the 6th-floor pool enclosure was replaced with a new segmented storefront system with sloped glazing. The glazing system was designed around an existing column and beam structure that ultimately became an integral part of the system’s aesthetic. AG integrated the sloped glazing with adjacent roof and cladding systems to form a watertight assembly.

As properties age, original materials often reach (or exceed) their expected life spans and require replacement to maintain the health of the complex.