Case Study

Belltown Lofts Condominiums

Building Investigation

Our Building Investigation team implemented a thorough investigation plan to conduct an extensive investigation identifying areas of water intrusion and concern. This investigation information was utilized to support a litigation effort, as well as establish a foundation for two scopes of repair specific to the renovated masonry “Lofts” building and the newer “Flats” building. As components of the structural brick façades, we established a need for significant steel lintel and beam replacement during the investigation.

Construction Management

Our Construction Management team guided the Owner Association through a fully-developed plan where phased construction was implemented at the two distinctly different buildings. The planning and construction phases followed specific timelines and budgets designed to meet the needs of the Owners’ Association. Each scope of work was independently bid to establish competitive pricing for each phase. Our Construction Management team worked closely with the City of Seattle during window replacement to meet required energy codes, while managing the constraints of a historic masonry building. Window replacement, brick remediation, and waterproofing occurred while units were occupied. Sequencing and scheduling of work were extremely important to minimize construction impacts on owners.

Architectural Services

Our Architectural Services team developed unique and creative details to flash new windows in existing multi-wythe brick openings. These details were specifically designed to capture any potential water ingress above windows, through existing structural brick walls, and shed it to the exterior of the building. Our team worked closely with the window manufacturer to match the original wood frame profiles and color, which met the City’s Landmark requirements. A detailed program of tuckpointing, brick repairs and replacement, and masonry sealing was also established for the building’s masonry façades with the highest exposures.

Amento Group investigated and managed phased window, brick, and waterproofing repairs for the Belltown Lofts’ buildings. Belltown Lofts is a mixed-use building with residential and commercial condominiums.

Services Provided​

  • Construction Management
  • Building Investigations & Forensics
  • Project Planning & Scope Development