Case Study

Lakemont Ridge Condominiums

Our team began by conducting an extensive investigation, providing repair recommendations and budgets, and assisting both parties during a negotiated resolution of the claim.

All buildings underwent full siding re-clad and remediation. During construction, Amento Group analyzed and prioritized repairs—presenting plans for a vote before funding, proceeding with bid documents, and then soliciting bids. Our architectural department modified waterproofing details to improve the building enclosure’s integrity, and inspection services throughout the project focused on quality conformance with plans and identified areas requiring additional detailing.

Amento Group formed a successful project team to provide services supporting the remediation and full siding re-clad of all 40 buildings of Lakemont Ridge Condominiums.

Services Provided​

  • Building Investigations & Forensics
  • Construction Management
  • Architectural Services

Building Investigation & Forensics

Our Building Investigation & Forensics team prepared an investigation plan, conducted an extensive investigation, provided repair recommendations and repair budgets, and assisted both parties and their attorneys during a negotiated resolution of the claim. After this 5-month process, we continued to assist the Developer’s attorney resolve claims with several subcontractors.

Construction Management

Our Construction Management team analyzed and prioritized repair recommendations and assisted the Board with its presentation to the Association, its attorney, and remediation contractor prior to a vote for funding and loan procurement. We then proceeded with bid documents utilized to solicit competitive bids from several remediation contractors that we interviewed with the Board.

Architectural Services

Our Architectural Services division developed details to improve the integrity of the building enclosure. We generated a comprehensive waterproofing drawing set and project manual that accounted for the existing conditions, which included a wide range of building designs and material transitions.

Lakemont_Ridge_2 Lakemont_Ridge

We continue to find Amento Group to be a cooperative, concerned, and engaging consulting company with an interest in producing better-than-average results for its clients.

Brad Keln
Project Manager, McBride Construction Resources