Building Investigations and Forensics

Your home is your greatest asset, and deserves the best care you can give it. We’re here to help.

As your property ages, a number of issues can arise that might be deleterious to the long term health and longevity of your building, including water intrusion, organic growth, and vapor migration. These problems are not always readily apparent and, when undetected, can lead to costly and invasive damages. Our experts at Amento Group are equipped to anticipate, identify, and address these issues.

A Property Condition Assessment is a vital component of the routine maintenance regimen for any homeowner or residential association, and an excellent first step if you are just beginning this journey. We perform a comprehensive visual review of your property, from foundation to rooftop, to identify areas of potential concern. Our field technicians draw on site observations, resident feedback, and historical performance of similar materials and construction methods to forecast useful life expectancies and help you plan and budget for future repairs and replacement.

When performed regularly, the property condition assessment can be highly effective in identifying costly problems early.

Once aware of a problem, our building forensic experts will perform Diagnostic Testing to locate the root cause of a problem and formulate a repair strategy. Diagnostic testing is non-invasive, and field technicians include data monitoring, water-driving, pressure-driving, dye tracing, and smoke testing among their extensive repertoire.

When appropriate, a more rigorous Building Investigation may occur. An investigation will target specific areas of vulnerability or concern, and will include extensive documentation of conditions and findings as the building assembly is opened to progressively expose underlying layers.

Regardless of the assessment, testing, or investigative methods employed, Amento Group will provide you with a report of findings and recommendations for the best course of action to proceed. Where necessary, this work may lead to the next phase: Project Planning and Scope Development.

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